The Project Life Management Manual

Lakatosné Szuhai Györgyi
Poór József

Tudatos életvezetésAntecedent

I have lived in a world of projects as a  project manager for many years now, and been involved in organizing and leading projects, project-based organization creation, and project consulting. I am convinced that if we lived our daily lives according to project approach –  we could learn at an early age a success-oriented project approach; the  steps of planning, implementation, monitoring and re-planning – , we could create a much more predictable, private and business success encouraging, harmonious atmosphere around us.

The birth of “Project Management Life” was  multi-threaded road. Besides many successful and promising initiation I’ve also seen countless stories, when, after the lack of immediate success, people have given up their efforts too early, not realizing that the idea was too incomplete, or some elements of their plan was unrealistic. During organizing and editing to a publishable format my scientific research results, I recognized how narrow is the interpretation and application of the project approach.

In Hungary, during its relatively short history, project management has proved its value in the world of economy. It made it possible to plan, track, control and evaluate the processes of design and implementation for both internal and external participants. Its different steps and methods are mainly known by specialists dealing with tender announcing and writing, as well as implementation and monitoring or evaluating. Therefore they- as well as the authors of project management textbooks- under project understand the plans realized in economy and their documentation. The project management evolved into a profession which is separated from everyday life, that has no effect on people’s daily affairs. Therefore it became my goal to spread and re-interpret globally the aforementioned project approach and to promote its use in private life. In order to this, on 16th September, 2016 “ProjectLife Program I” and “ProjectLife Program II.” titled studies have been registered under my name. This certificate was issued by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, based on voluntary register of works, under the 26/2016 (XII. 28.) Regulation.

The aim of the manual

The book, contrary to the motto of lifestyle books “Change your life!”, follows the instructions of the Oracle of Delphi, namely the “Know thyself!” prompt. Because the project approach teaches to focus our desires and plans, to fix and to control the necessary conditions and steps for the implementation, in a word it raises awareness. This in turn helps to learn about ourselves and it is inevitable for a good direction life-change to a good direction, as well. According to international studies of educational systems in the US and in Europe,  the most important differences are demonstrated diversities in problem-centered and practice-oriented fields. A big consequence of project approach is the practicality of thinking, that is, educating the practice-oriented approach, the problem-defining and problem solving exactness. Experiences show that people who lead a conscious and planned way of life, are often in conflicts with members of their closer environment, who prefer to be drifted by the flow of events, reacting spontaneously to outside influences, challenges. Such a situation may occur within a family or even among different ethnic groups. The two, not so complementary, but rather denying lifestyles can reach to a conciliation or can be approaching with the help of the step-by-step project approach application.

The aim of the book, on one hand is to spread the steps and knacks of project management (as a profession), and on the other hand to present the applicability of project-thinking in everyday praxis. Examples taken from everyday life help to understand the professional issues of project management, meanwhile indicate the usefulness and usability of professional project management practises in everyday life.