Our Services

Our main activity is the project management and project consultancy to the management and employees of micro, small, medium and large enterprises operating in the Hungarian market. The range of our services is constantly expanding, adapting to the continuously changing market environment.

Our main goal is to fully explore and satisfy at the highest level our business partners’ expectations and demands with the help of several years of professional experience, a wide range of professional and business relations, as well as using the latest trends and methodologies occurring in the market.

Project Management consulting

The main profile of the company is project management consulting,complete realization of project management tasks. Our organization provides up to date information on national and international fundraising opportunities.


The main reasons of requisitioning our consultancy services is to recognize, and determine problems and opportunities arising in organizations and to develop responses to the problems, to use the “best practise” which is available within the industry.

Project Research

Our committed duties include ongoing national and international research projects also.

Providing Unique Service

Crossing spatial, temporal and organizational boundaries, we work in project organization, where each task requires a co-worker or expert with different knowledge, or set of professional skills.