We live our live in project approach, every little step is planned and prepared, we achieve our goals step by step, which can be both private and business goals as well. Take our destiny into our hands and – similar to a big project – make our dreams come true.

Don’t be afraid to try a new attitude, a fresh approach!

Partnership Respect, trust, common goal, growth, innovations, ideas, source of new approach
Recreation approach The fine balance of physical and mental health is essential for a healthy organizational culture
Organization We ensure direct contact and personal attendance from average people to big multinational companies
Journey to Future Vision, elaborated in a new kind of future approach
Exclusivity Unique, customized solutions
Komplexity Accurate, deep analysis of organizations, detailed diagnosis and overall improvement process and management, being beneficial for both private and business life
Teamwork Equally treated Project Life members and customers in the mind of collective intelligent

Our Services

Project Management consulting

The main profile of the company is project management consulting,complete realization of project management tasks. Our organization provides up to date information on national and international fundraising opportunities.


The main reasons of requisitioning our consultancy services is to recognize, and determine problems and opportunities arising in organizations and to develop responses to the problems, to use the “best practise” which is available within the industry.

Project Research

Our committed duties include ongoing national and international research projects also.

Providing Unique Service

Crossing spatial, temporal and organizational boundaries, we work in project organization, where each task requires a co-worker or expert with different knowledge, or set of professional skills.

62 Scientific project researches
28 partners
37 years of international experience
50 years national experience


„All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

(Walt Disney)


The primary aim of this project is to motivate, encourage, show an example to ones who has dreamt and planned their objectives and goals, but they have no faith, strength, self confidence to start the implementation and realization.

The key of success is that there is no secret; only intense, hard work, precise objectives, detailed plans, self-management, diligence and patience -these are all necessary to achieve our goals, our dreams.

The dreams come true in one of Hungary’s most disadvantaged regions, proving that miracles are born not only in the capital and we don’t have to travel thousands of kilometers to be successful. We should take pride in our area, what created our forms of life and foundations of our thinking.

Our company’s credo is that the main characteristics of the really successful people is that they are satisfied with their life: they love what they do and feel themself useful, they are surrounded by loving and safe environment, they have goals that they might have not yet achieved all but they are going to, step by step. They live a life what was chosen by them and they are able to enjoy it even when not every area of it is perfect at all the time.

Our goal is to deliver an approach, to create an organizational culture which produces  an external environment on individual and organisational levels which helps to maintain the internal balance using the project life approach.


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