What do we really represent?

The spread of project approach in a global manner, regarding both private and everyday life, as the harmonious unity of these two areas is the key to business successes.

Our aim is to offer solutions creating encouraging business successes and developments and real values to those individuals and organisations who got stuck on the road to the success or who want to continue their journey on it in a new environment, using innovative approaches and methods.

Our philosophy

We believe that our fate, our life is in our hands and only up to us – as a major project – to realize our dreams. Most people do not even dare to dream of something they are actually capable of. Dare to dream! Dare to dream big and to trust in ourselves, that we are able to achieve. Do not pay attention to external sounds, the negative opinions of others! So let ourselves surrounded by people who encourage us to grow, who respect, love and trust us. Because if we can give trust , we will be given trust.

We have to change in order for the people around us would be able to change. The pessimistic coat needs to be taken off saying “Nothing is ever working out for me”. It is not true, because it depends only on us. If we believe in failure, we will not do for the contrary, and so we actually will not succeed.

However, when we overwhelm ourselves with optimism, self-confidence, then we will be stronger than anyone, and indeed we will achieve our goals! It only depends on us, we can only blame ourselves, or we can pat on the back; “It is done, I am one step closer to my goal”

Long-term goal should be broken down into short-term goals! For achieving each small goal, preparation, planning, implementation, and continuous monitoring to check out it is done right or not are required. If not, it is needs to be changed, re-designed and re realized. Then, after  each small goal is achieved, a closure is needed. I was able to achieve this as well! Then we can begin the preparations for the  next stage.

This, however, required to live in project approach. There are people around us who contribute to achieve our goals and successes. If they did not exist, maybe the environment would not be given to this, so we depend on them.  That is possible too, that we also contribute to their successes to the same extent. So they also depend on us. There is no hierarchy here, there is interdependence.

This success-oriented project approach should be acquired in childhood. When we experience Failure, we have to learn to change, to get back to the the right direction. Therefore we must redesign. Neither the inventors made great successes in one day. Very often they  failed, thus, they constantly had to rebuild their plans, and  they finally managed their project. We have to learn that failure should be tolerated, easily processed, we need to move forward and redesign.

This is more difficult to learn for adults, but of course, nothing is impossible. But it is much more efficient to pay attention to it in childhood and consciously, like a project, teach it in school. It should be taught in childhood to design, implement, monitor and re-plan. How to change? How to live deliberately and consciously? What is motivation? Already in elementary school it should be started to teach and to build the significance of endurance. That everything has its way, and step by step everything can be done. This is not just for business and individual projects, but for the whole of our lives since its inception. We must learn to organize, manage and lead our life.
If all of these are created in our private lives, we will succeed in business life as well. The HR practices should be incorporated into the personal lives as well as in business world, too.

Our Expert Competencies

On whichever field we work, there are some basic competencies, business skills, whose learning and development is extremely important in daily work, and help you take the next step.

  • Project Approach: all programs, subtasks should be  treated as a separate units, starting from the preparatory work through closing and evaluation, while continuous task definition and monitoring.
  • Teamwork Virtual Teamwork: Our team members are treated as equal partners in the spirit of collective intelligence.
  • Excellent communication skills: We formulate and discuss clearly, concisely and convincingly with our customers, colleagues and partners, as our efficiency and effectiveness are based on communication.
  • Leadership skills: These do not only become indispensable when someone takes a leadership position, because it is essential for teamwork to get to a consensus, to unite different opinions and to make decisions quickly.  All of this is to minimize the conflicts of interest, the number of conflicts. As per a good leader, we are well aware of the essential role of the delegation, we vote trust and give our employees responsibility instead of doing everything by ourselves.
  • Marketing approach: The professional success in all cases
    depends on the satisfaction of our clients, every customer is different, so we try to develop a variety of strategies suitable for each types of customers, fitted to their individual needs.

These are the expected competencies, to which we pay special attention while recruiting our colleagues and experts besides the high level of theoretical knowledge, relevant work experience and practical knowledge.

62 Scientific project researches
28 partners
37 years of international experience
50 years national experience

Expert Consultant Principles

The aim of using our principles is to strengthen our customers’ and partners’ confidence that our organization is able to consistently provide a certain level of quality demanded by the customers.

Bearing in mind the project approach, we use a unique, personalized methodology based on national and international methodologies ensuring expert task approach and solution.

To maintain the quality, one of the company’s constant aim is the overall continuous improvement, trend tracking, identifying and meeting the current market needs.

In the spirit of trust, a very important element is the continuous feedback, which allows to recognize the shortcomings and to redesign processes to achieve the goal.

We believe that our ability to create value is growing through mutually beneficial relationships, because our business success is influenced by not only the employees but also by the performance of business partners.

The process and system-oriented approach, the global approach help our organization to achieve the targets efficiently and effectively. If activities and related resources are treated as a process, we can achieve to place unnecessary areas and activities on the surface. Identification of the processes as a system contributes to focus our attention on improving the performance of entire organizations or departments instead of smaller groups.

In the spirit of work-life balance, we believe that an essential precondition of business successes is the supportive background, the balanced private life.

Members of our team

Lakatosné Dr. Szuhai Györgyi

Program Director

Dr. Pásztor Zsolt

Program Director

Dr. Poór József

Program Director

Leveles Ágnes

Program manager